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About HPF

Our founder, Wendell Malmberg was born in Renton, Washington, on December 22, 1956, the oldest of the three children of Irene and Donald Malmberg parented. Prior to becoming a business owner, Wendell began working as an entrepreneur performing on-site services such as metals fabrication, hydraulic repairs, structural repairs, and tugboat repairs for various construction and companies in the greater Puget Sound area. In 1986, Wendell formed HPF with a focus on providing such on-site services, and several years later launched a broad line of excavator attachments and custom steel products.

Improving the Industry

Over the next 30 years, Wendell provided prefabricated structural steel for projects. This includes:

  • Renovations of Harborview Medical Center
  • Renovations for Martha Lake Elementary School
  • Renovations for the Sky Bridge for Foster High School in Burien
  • Construction of the Bothell Senior Center
  • Relining the Husky Stadium with Steel Flooring & Repairing the Bleachers
  • Providing All of the Handrails for the Emergency Stairwells for the Columbia Tower

The High & Wide

Wendell also constructed a mobile excavator platform known as a "high and wide" undercarriage for use in the logging industry. This allowed for improved clearance and stability over the standard excavator.

In 2006, he adapted the "high and wide" logging undercarriage to accept trolley arms and wheels, thereby converting a conventional excavator into a rail-bound machine that can run bi-directionally and independently along the rail. By 2011, HPF became almost exclusively focused on designing and manufacturing a series of rail-bound, hydraulically powered, and controlled undercarriages to replace factory excavator undercarriages.

HPF's Achievements

HPF has been twice honored with Seattle Business Magazine's 2011 Washington Manufacturing Innovator of the Year Award. They have also received the Manufacturing Excellence Award for Innovation from the Association of Washington Business in 2012. To learn more about our company, click here.

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