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Custom Created Excavator Attachments

HPF designs some of the most innovative and useful attachments on the market. In addition to our solid line of buckets, thumbs, grapples, and rakes, our engineers are constantly turning our customer's dreams into reality.

HPF will modify your existing attachments, create quick couplers for any addition, or custom design that one-of-a-kind, must-have piece. We also custom design guarding, main and stick boom modifications, and practically any excavator attachment.

Cab Riser Box

Cab Riser Boxes

48" hydraulic tilt cab boxes increase the operator's visibility and provide space for lockable storage. These products are available in heights from 12" to 48", and are mounted in fixed or hydraulic-tilt styles.

Main Lift Boom Modifications

When adding this component to your equipment, expect the best. These modifications increase your lifting range, as well as capability.

Cylinder Modifications

By moving the cylinder under the main boom, you harness more power from the cylinder. This particular configuration is popular for log loading and other tasks that are often performed further away from the machine.

Boom Extensions

If you need a little extra reach, then consider having HPF's engineers design the proper boom lengths for your purpose and machine. These too are popular in the logging industry.

Custom Guarding

Our talented crew will create custom guarding to best suit your requirements. Do you need cab guarding that you can easily remove when performing light duty tasks? We make detachable window guards that are strong enough to protect the cab glass and operator, but light enough to remove in minutes. To see our standard guarding offerings, contact us today.

Custom Guarding

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