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Durable Excavator Products for Your Machinery

HPF guarding packages offer the ultimate protection for your excavator to keep it running the way it should. With items that protect the sides, underbody, and undercarriage of your machine, you're sure to have equipment that will be long-lasting. Our team can also help determine what attachment will work best for the type of work you perform. Ask one of our sales reps for their assistance today.

Cab Guards

Cab Guards

Our cab guard with recessed halogen lights offers ultimate protection for cab steel and glass. They are designed to protect the machine and are not certified ROPS cages. Options for this piece include recessed halogen lights (front & rear mounted) for increased visibility and safety and quick-release, removable front-window guard for non-clearing applications.

Hard Doors

These items are made from durable steel plates and include heavy-duty latches and hinges. These will replace the factory sheet-metal doors offering better sturdiness and damage control, and utilize factory locks, so no additional keys are needed to open them.

Log Deflectors

Catwalks with log deflectors protect your machine from falling debris. They are built with heavy-duty square tubing for bolt-on installation and allow easier access when servicing the machine. Additionally, they provide substantial protection for the sides of your machine.

Underbody Panels

This reliable product guards your machine's main motor, hydraulic pumps, and wiring by defending against rocks, trees, construction debris, and dirt. Underbody panels include access panels for easy servicing, as well.

Log Deflectors
Motor Guard

Travel Motor Cover

Travel motor covers keep your equipment and motor safe from rocks, dirt, and debris. They come in various steel grades and thickness and are available in a package or as a stand-alone option.

Rock Guards

Rock and track guards help to extend undercarriage life exponentially. They prevent damage to tracks caused by rocks, trees, and construction wreckage.

Swivel Guard

Swivel Guard

These items help keep the heart of your machine safe, as well as the hydraulic power to the travel motors. Swivel Guard packages include a ring welded inside of the car body which holds the bolt-on access panel.

Heavy Duty Excavator Buckets

HPF manufactures several different styles of buckets and will fit them to any size or make of excavator. Our team can also service and upgrade your existing buckets including fitting it with a pin-grabber quick coupler, a standard quick coupler, or re-lugging it to fit other machines.


Hpf Excavator Thumbs & Rakes

These items are engineered and fabricated with the end-use application as their main design criteria. Thumbs are available in standard and log-style in both link and no-link designs. Excavator rakes and buckets are interchangeable for use with all our thumbs. Learn more about them here. Our products include:

  • Excavator Rakes
  • Progressive Link Thumbs
  • No-Link Thumbs
  • Splitter Rakes
  • Dozer Rakes
Excavator Rake
Clam Bucket

hpf Clam Shell Buckets & Brush Grapples

All of these products are created for maximum positive control. The 360° continuous rotation and vertical wrist action allows the operator to move materials quickly and efficiently from any position. HPF manufactures three main types of rotating attachments. All have complete 360° rotation and utilize high-pressure cylinders. Check out our brochure for more information on these products.

Clam shells are ideal for rockery work, and log grapples with heel racks provide ultimate log handling control. Brush rakes are excellent for clearing, sorting, and loading brush or debris. We also add new shanks, teeth, cutting edges, side cutters, extra wear plates, and grading edges to any bucket.

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